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  • how did you meet tENT?

through the Neoist network.

  • how long have you known tENT?

from his work and mentioned by other people, since 1988, in correspondence, since 1990, in person, since 1993.

  • you are likely to find tENT ___ (place)

at the projection booth of the Andy Warhol Foundation in Pittsburgh.

- tENT spends his days ___ (activity)

doing Mad Science, d-composing, with sound thinking and thought collecting - and being a prolific writer and filmmaker.

  • what is the craziest/best/most memorable story you know about tENT/ the craziest/best/most memorable thing tENT ever did?

I partly mind this question because it stamps tENT as some oddball curiosity. While he embraces and fosters many oddball activities, and has an impressive record as a prankster and activist, he is the most methodological, organized and sharp-minded person I have encountered so far in my life. This sharp-mindedness and intellectual intensity is the best and most memorable thing about him I can mention.

  • 3 words to describe tENT?


- tENT is famous because __

tENT is not famous and likely doesn't care about that. However, he for sure does care about peer-recognition among those who share his universe of knowledge, activities and critical thinking. Being the projectionist of a contemporary art institution rather than its director, and never having received a single grant or piece of support for his work, tells it all.

  • if tENT were stuck on a desert island for ten years, but could bring 3 things, what do you think they would bring?

He would not bring anything but work with the desert island as a poetic constraint.

- tENT?s personality can best be described as _

Sharp, humorous, unprejudiced towards anyone, self-afflicting.

- tENT?s style is

To despise people who are concerned about 'style'.

  • anything else we should know about x?

Care to actually engage with his work. Too few people do.

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22nd March 2011
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