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Art as parascience

An autosystemic, yet very sensible definition of art (which could be easily mistaken for being conservative although it isn't - since it even the disruption of styles can only exist in relation to a history, and historical consciousness, of styles):

"If art is not a means of self-fulfillment and expression, what is it then? A kind of parascience, with a system of rules that is several millennia old. Art builds upon the history of art and styles, on preceding developments. That is the material to which everyone wanting to do art has to relate to. It does not suffice to have an art school degree, to be able to stretch up a canvas, somehow organize things visually and think that this would amount to a work of art. Nevertheless, an artwork may be greatly successful out of that misunderstanding."

Translation of an interview statement with the contemporary art critic Marius Babias

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7th January 2009
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