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critique of cybernetic ideology

The notion of "system" is as much unfiltered cybernetic/behaviorist ideology as it is undisputed, building the foundation of all discourses from general systems theory to contemporary media studies. A critique of idealism (Platonist as much as Pythagorean) finally needs to include a critique, and rejection, of "system" as a fiction disguised as science/engineering. While it might have some value as speculative (science) fiction in the past, the blatant reductionism and control fantasies behind it have become too obvious; viz. the collapse of cybernetics around 1969 - history repeating itself.

18th January 2009
Tags 16mm, analog, art, book, cultural theory, deutsch, div, economy, education, film, gnu/linux, internet, literature, music, nederlands, neoism, performance, photo, poetry, politics, super 8, systems, theology, video.

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