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no longer forgotten music

no longer forgotten music, underground counterpart to Ubuweb. The stupid but obvious appreciation would be merely sentimental and historicist. Listening to a ca. 100 hour selection [of which a semirandom selection could include de Fabriek, Peter Sterk, Horst Rickels, Ynse Vugts, Moniek Toebosch, Schlaflose N├Ąchte], it matters little from which period and culture the audio is from, but all the more that it's improptu, unpretentious and surprising. The best of it defies both categories and musical stereotypes of either pop music or academic avant-garde. (The cheap, low tech, read-writable technology of the tapes might have helped in this respect; sentimentalizing and retro-fetishizing it, however, would this work further injustice. The anonymous blogger is thus right selling those tapes while keeping the mp3 files.)

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2nd January 2009
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