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The dire need [and current] lack of a critique of "system", i.e. not a critique of one system (operating system, financial system, political system), but of the very notion of system itself that obscures more than it clarifies. System as a speculative, un-empirical [scholastic] proposition that is a signifier without an empirical signified; a claim that certain entities or phenomena can be summarized under the same concept without any objective backing.

What we are experiencing now is not the collapse of systems or ideologies, but the collapse of the ideology of systems. [Bertalanffy, General Systems Theory, cybernetics, structuralism, media theory, Heidegger's philosophy of technology.] "System" as the empty signifier having replaced the older empty signifier of "God". A vehicle of suspending/postponing individual agency and responsibility, with "the system" as a general excuse. If there is something to unite "systems", it is this very fiction (permeating structuralism, anthropology, sociology, economy, science and computing, media studies).

What would a culture - a politics, economy, humanities and science, engineering and technology - be that would radically do without a fiction of "system"?

28th January 2009

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