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vampire of bruges

vacation/home movie, 1:10 min., opening credits and music from Harry Kümel's Le lèvres rouges:

(Recorded with a cheap Aiptek HD camera, footage converted with

transcode -Z 720x576 -y mov -F yuv2,twos -i [infile] -o [outfile]

edited with Cinelerra, encoded with ffmpeg.)

Tags: gnu/linux, video.
4th January 2009

tape music

Meet Lt. Murnau contributed to no longer forgotten music.

Completed video [1:26 min.] of the second Tape Treff at Extrapool, Nijmegen, according to Frans de Waard "an evening on cassettes [...] hi-jacked by not always stable noise makers who think its still shocking to run around naked and throwing up on microphones":

(Background information on methodology:

  • ca. 60 min. material recorded with cheap Aiptek HD camera
  • selected 60 scenes
  • each of them trimmed to exactly 1 second
  • original sound kept so that a sound edit results simultaneously
  • slowed down the resulting video to twice the playback duration (2:00), equivalent to slowing down tape playback
  • final cut to 1:26)
Tags: music, video.
17th January 2009

floppy films

concept: digital video/film whose complete file length does not exceed 1.4 MB, the capacity of a floppy disk; distribute the films on floppy disks only. The video files must be standard MPEG1/2/4 files playable on standard player software such as VLC, no "demo" hacks. [h264/x264 allows to compress video streams down to 128 kbit/s, resulting in 90 sec. video on a standard 3.5 inch floppy disk.

Tags: video.
22nd January 2009

floppy film 1: nkdlunch.mp4

first floppy film: nkdlunch.mp4, 2:44 min., 640x352, color, 1.3 MB

Tags: video.
1st February 2009


Odyssey of picking up A.L. (18MB) from his train in the midst of a technical breakdown of Rotterdam Centraal station.

Tags: video.
12th February 2009

Oscar 2009 Floppy films
Tags: video.
22nd February 2009

How to picturize two Kafka short stories in a hotel room within one hour
27th March 2011

5 walks through printroom for P.H.

5 walks through printroom for P.H..

A Neoist research project.

Tags: neoism, video.
3rd April 2011

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