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tape music

Meet Lt. Murnau contributed to no longer forgotten music.

Completed video [1:26 min.] of the second Tape Treff at Extrapool, Nijmegen, according to Frans de Waard "an evening on cassettes [...] hi-jacked by not always stable noise makers who think its still shocking to run around naked and throwing up on microphones":

(Background information on methodology:

  • ca. 60 min. material recorded with cheap Aiptek HD camera
  • selected 60 scenes
  • each of them trimmed to exactly 1 second
  • original sound kept so that a sound edit results simultaneously
  • slowed down the resulting video to twice the playback duration (2:00), equivalent to slowing down tape playback
  • final cut to 1:26)
Tags: music, video.
17th January 2009
Tags 16mm, analog, art, book, cultural theory, deutsch, div, economy, education, film, gnu/linux, internet, literature, music, nederlands, neoism, performance, photo, poetry, politics, super 8, systems, theology, video.

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